• Devotion Vodka 750ml

    Devotion Vodka 750ml

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    Distillery:  "Devotion Vodka is the world's first and only 100% certified sugar-free, gluten-free, non-GMO vodka that is American made.  We are 6 times distilled and take pride in having the purest of water through our extra de-ionizing process. It’s 80pf with no gimmicks, just quality! We go the extra mile by making Devotion Vodka the highest quality vodka on the market using 100% high quality USA corn. We are certified by the US Government to be 100% sugar-free 100% gluten-free and also certified non-GMO!

    Aroma – Subtle, Clean, Neutral Aromatics
    Appearance – Exquisite Pristine Clarity
    Texture – Silky and Velvety
    Consistency Palate – Advanced, Smooth, and Level Balanced
    Finish – Calm Refreshing Finish like a Fine Chardonnay"

    Bottle: 750ml